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Psalms 104:33-34 "I will Sing to the Lord all my life; I will Sing praises to my God as long as I live. May my thoughts (meditations) be pleasing to Him. As I rejoice (am happy) in the Lord".

Vikki Hunt in a horiffic car accident with a multiple miracle story following.

Vikki was seriously injured in a car accident, Saturday, October 14, 2017. She was traveling back home to Centerville from Ottumwa, Iowa. Four miles west of Ottumwa, in a bad rain storm, her car hydoplaned into on-coming traffic and was T-Boned on the driver's door. It took 1 1/2 hours to get Vikki out of the car. Both of her lower legs were crushed with mutiple compound fractures between her ankles and knees. Her right femer was broken and her left pelvis, left collarbone, and left scapula were cracked.

By the time they got her to the Ottumwa emergency room, she had lost so much blood that her hemoglobin was down to five (5) and she coded once. They gave her blood and put her in a chopper to Mercy hospital in Des Moines. She coded  second time in flight.

I was not notified via a sherrif deputy handing me a note for three hours about the accident. A Serrif deputy haded me a note saying, "Call this number, you wife was in a bad car accident west of Ottumwa. " By the time I got to Des Moines with family, Vikki had already coded twice and was on total life support. After arriving in Mercy she received 23 units of blood. (Many units of blood at first and then allot through her many many surgeries that we actually lost count after surgery #13 or so.

After a month in Mercy, she was transferred to Iowa City University Hospitals where they decided both of her lower legs were too damaged to be saved. In the meantime her kidneys shut down and she had to go on dialysis. Plus when an antibiotic and another diretic drug were given at the same time, she lost 65% of her hearing in both ears. (When those two drugs get together, they kill the auditory nerses.) After her hearing loss, Vikki was immediately sent back to Mercy Hospital in Des Moines.

What a nightmare journey! Here is a PTL! After six weeks of dialysis, Vikki's kidneys woke up. We will tell you how that happened a bit later.  Vikki spent the last six (6) weeks of her 90 days in the hospital at Mercy in acute rehab before being released to go home on January 13, 2018.

In home therapy has been positive since getting back home. Her stubs have healed well, and she now has two lower leg prothetics which definitely are a challenge. Vikki remains with some dizziness issues from the accident impact. Dizzy and balance do not go well together!

We thank everyone the GATEWAY TEAM through these difficut moments. . We thank all who prayed, sent cards of encouragement, and sent needed funds to financially help through this difficult time. Please keep praying. We have a long ways to go before she will be vertical on her prothetics and without a walker.

For Vikki Hunt updates - The latest update is posted by date. Thank you for praying and for staying in touch with God and us.

June 21, 2019 Vikki's physical therapist is very pleased with her progress with increasing strength levels and her goal to walk hands free. They are both working very hard to accomplish these.

Thank you for joining us in prayer about her dizziness and for God's leading about building a ground level garage addition to our house. God needs to make this very clear to us as to how proceed.

We know God owns a cattle on a thousand hills and the world belongs to Him. Yet until he parks some of his cattle in our yard (in the form of additional funds), we will know His will may not to build a one-level garage for safety purposes and a safer and easier way to load and unload everything needed for life and ministry.

Psalm 50:10-12 (NIV)

10 for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.

11 I know every bird in the mountains, and the insects in the fields are mine.

12 If I were hungry I would not tell you, for the world is mine, and all that is in it.

We thank you for praying and sharing, as you are so led. We thank many who have already shared what they can. And we thank you again for your generous spirits. Let the Lord lead you and us in this decision. Send cards, notes of encouragement, and love gifts to:

Tax deductible love-gifts can be sent to:  Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc

PO Box 65 Centervillle, IA  52544   Put “construction” or "Vikki" in the memo. Thank you.

. April 15, 2019 Vikki continues to gain strength and mobility. Our close and long-time friend, Marilyn Barber, here in Centerville, had a non-used treadmill in her pantry and gave it to Vikki. Walking on a treadmill make a person's walking gait more fluid and less mechanical. It has been a real blessing and positive addition to our dining room. She continues to do some of her daily exercising in the parallel bars with PT once each week at our local hospital. Her PT therapist has been very helpful in teaching her, working with her, and encouraging her. PTL! We ask for prayers for dizziness to lesson. Unless God intervenes, this is a huge enemy of safety and balance. Thank you.

We now have a workable floor plan for a ground-level garage addition along with cost proposals for the foundations and slab concrete work and building materials for the garage. The cement work proposal is $23k and the materials proposal for the garage itself is $13,369. John McGinnis, our Christian contractor, will build it, but needs some volunteers to come help him build the garage addition when that time comes. We are waiting on God to lead us before proceeding, yet for safety reasons, feel the need to get it done before next winter!

Should the Lord lead you or the church you attend to help with this project, we will proceed. We will wait and listen to what the Lord has in mind, via the response of His people. Love-gifts that have been sent have been used to pay medical bills and to modify the inside of our house in many needed ways.

We have about 10k set aside to help off-set the above numbers. We will not and cannot go much past that amount. We are responsible for continuing expenses connected with future needs of using prosthetics, finding a vehicle she can drive, load and unload a wheelchair by herself, and again experience some freedom in life as she once did. We are content to wait!

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalms 50:10), so these numbers are not too big for God to meet. (Ephesians 3:20). We feel your prayers and they have made a huge difference! Thank you for praying and for your friendships.

February 15, 2019  Vikki is doing remarkablt good. She contunues exercising at home and going to PT once a week. She is about back to the progress of where she was last August hen she fell and broke her right femer. They have Vikki walking on a treadmill in therapy now. We are looking for a treadmill to put in our house. We need one that has supportive arms on each side. Our daughter Martha and Brian have one, but its in their basement, so steps are an issue there. If you are in the SE Iowa area and no of a treadmill, please let us know.

Brother John McGinnis and his wife Winona were in Centerville this past week to finish the hard-surface flooring and removing three difficult transission bumps between rooms. John also trimmed out a bedroom that he widened the doorway to his last time here. He also created a safer way for us to get Vikki's wheelchair down to the basement garage. It still a bit challenging for this one-armed paper hanger to get on the wheel chair loaded and secure on the stair-left.

This is the problem. We can get Vikki into the basement garage and upstairs on the stair-lift to the level we live on, but then I cannot drive the car her wheel chair up to the outside ramp to get her wheel chair upstairs where we live.  With snow and icy ramp, it's way to risky for me. We just know something has to change!

Before John arrived, I was putting her wheel chair on the stair-lieft and it fell down the basement steps and hit Vikki, who could not move fast enough to get out of the way. God blessed that she didn't get hurt, more than a poke in her side. That was a scary eye-opening moment for both of us.

So brother John again looked at the south end of our house and drew up tentitive plans for a 24' x 24' garage only addition on the end of our house that is closer to ground level. Our walk-out basement ranch house is 28' feet wide, so the garage would have a 4' set back, giving more space for a less inclined garage-ramp entrance.

The hold up will be finding a contractor to do the footings, necessary fill work, etc. If cement / concrete is your strength, please contact Don. His email address is in blue ink in the left column above, as you read right now. The other challenge will be the funding. We know God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, so this is a reachable goal that He can meet. Without talking to a cement contractor this Spring, I'm guessing the cemement footings and fill-dirt work will be 25-30k and the garage materials will be $12-15k. Thank you for praying about this.

January 14, 2019  Yesterday marked one-year that Vikki was released from the hospital after 90 days. So celebrate one year under our belts of life-adjustments and getting use to a new normal. God is good!  Vikki is about back to where she was physically, before she fell and broke her right femer last August. It's been a slow healing climb!  Yet we rejoice she has healed well and has been released from Iowa Ortho. Physical Therapy once a week at our local hospital with the two of us doing laps in our house and vikki using the parallel bars herself for walking. All the carpet is out of our upstairs except in the dining room where the parallel bars are located.  The composite hardwood looking diningroom flooring has been ordered.

If you are gifted in laying that kind of snap-together flooring and have the time to come, that will save us about 750 plus dollars, maybe more than that -- if the installers remove some of the flooring pieces in the living room and join both dining and living rooms without a toe-tripping transission strip. Neither of us do well with walking and/or wheel-chair-rolling over transission bumps between rooms. Thanks to brother John McGinnis and brother Keith Tuttle, ALL the transissions are gone between all three bedrooms and both bathrooms; with upstairs laundry now in one of the bedrooms.  THANK YOU JOHN AND KEITH! We aren't certain either of these men can return to help us in the future. So if you can come help with flooring, please let Don know.

We definitely need to do something about a ground-level garage. We are currently using our basement garage and stair lift, but it is difficult because we have a wheelchair loading issue. We can't SAFELY get her wheel chair down to the basement level garage. If there is someone reading this who can do cement footing for a garage this Spring, please contact Don. His e-mail is on  the left under General Information and Bookings.  To build a ground level garage will take at least 30 - 35 grand, maybe more, the majority of the cost is cement footing.

We thank many who have prayerfully and financially supported the Gateway Singers so far what needed to be done here to keep us safe and be user friendly as well. We will do the ground-level garage as funds become available. That's in God's hands! Pray about that and continue praying for dizziness to be reduced for Vikki. That's so frustrating for her!

With love for Jesus and our Friends,  Don and Vikki

Send designated love-gifts for Vikki Hunt fund contributions to:

Gateway Singers Ministry, Inc

PO Box 65

Centerville, IA  52544

Put "construction"  or "Vikki" in memo line.

Send cards of encouragemrnt or letters to:

Vikki Hunt

20421 E Terra Vista

Centerville, IA  52544

Your cards and love-gifts encourage her!

The Gateway Singers sing Easter Sunday AM, April 21, 2019, at "The Church" at Fourth and Washington in Ottumwa. 

Our Mission

Making the most of every opportunity that God sends us by:

  • Sharing the "good news" through song and word
  • Encouraging Christians in their daily walk
  • Instructing believers and unchurched families about building healthy relationships
  • Lifting the spirits of the hurting and those facing crisis moments
  • Challenging and inspiring Christians to:


              a) Love God.  (with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind)

               b) Love people.  (Love your neighbor as yourself)

         c) Serve both. (challenge people to involve themselves in serving others)

The purpose statement of every Christian is to lead people to FIND and FOLLOW Jesus. The Gateway Singers use music and the spoken Word to lead people to Jesus. It's ALL about Him!

Our Music

The Gateways lead worship with a variety of music styles; acappella, old-time  gospel, country, and contemporary. We carry our own BOSE sound system and keep the volume level comfortable for everyone. To schedule a concert, please email us at: or complete a request form.

Ministry Profile

We are a two family team: Don and Vikki Hunt family and Dave and Jan McSpadden family. Both the Hunt's and McSpadden's have three children each who are involved in their own personal ministries, lives, and jobs in IA, MO, CO,GA, and AZ. There are20 grandchildren between the two families and, Lord willing, one additional "Little Gateway" grandchild will arrive in Iowa, May of 2015.

                            Don & Vikki Hunt                  Jan & Dave McSpadden



Dave McSpadden Ph.D., is a counselor with 40 years of experience --specializing in family, marriage, addictions, and personal counseling. Dave holds marriage enrichments and parenting seminars connected with Gateway Singers Ministry Inc. programming and Midwest Therapeutic Clinic.

Don Hunt II is a Pastoral Counselor with National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) and does crisis counseling and Coping with Crisis presentations connected with Gateway Singers Ministry programming and Relief Ministries.

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